Taize Lenten Prayer Services in Church Begin March 20

Come join us during Lent for Taize Prayer Around the Cross 6:45 PM – 7:30 PM in the church. Wednesday, March 20; Wednesday, March 27; Monday, April 1, Monday, April 8.

The Taize (pronounced “teh-ZAY”) prayer service is from an interfaith community founded in Taize, France in 1940.
We’ll sing simple chants throughout the service (such as “Jesus, Remember Me”) and have a short reading from scripture followed by moments of silent reflection. There’s a period for your intercessory prayers after which we’ll pray the Our Father.
Near the end of service you’ll be invited to pray at the cross in whatever form you’re comfortable with kneeling, touching, or standing by the cross. Take all the time you need at the cross as you place your joys and concerns to Christ.
Watch a short example of a Taize service on the right See https://youtu.be/u9lYoWLJ27o