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Outreach to Reach Out!

“To be of service is to become bigger than the way we normally see ourselves. Our attention shifts. We set aside our preoccupation with ourselves and turn our focus outwards, towards others.”

SFC’s Outreach to Reach Out has been doing just that. As long as the needs of our parish community exist, we will be there to help. Our Outreach program has been busy this month!

We thank our SFC school families who graciously helped restock our SVdP food pantry. Because of the schools ongoing efforts to stock the pantry, our outreach program is able to bag groceries needed for the surrounding community.

A special shout out to the Gamez family who with the help of Blue Rock BBQ on June 1st, provided 50 meals to the LifeMoves program in San Jose. LifeMoves shelters mothers and their children, working with them to find solutions to homelessness. With the generous donation from the Gamez family we were also able to partner once again with Double D’s of Los Gatos the following day to provide an additional 90 meals to a local foster care program. Thank you Blue Rock BBQ! Thank you Double D’s!

SFC’s SVdP Outreach continues to help with groceries. If you know of families in need, please call SVdP. If you are able to donate to sustain this important ministry of serving those during these difficult times, reach out!

Call SFC’s SVdP Outreach at 408-412-1926 or email sfcsvdp@gmail.com if you are in need of groceries or if you can help us with a donation to provide groceries.

We are here to help!

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