SFC Helping Others 2020 Village House

SFC Helping Others 2020 Village House – Update

COVID-19 is a public health crisis. Countries around the world are closing their borders, locking down their cities and doing all they can to stop the spread of this virus. Since the primary mechanism to contract the virus is via close proximity exposure of an airborne strain, minimizing human interaction and establishing “social distancing” practices are our best defense in stopping this virus in its tracks.

Based on the recommendation of the SFC Village House Core Team, the Village House Steering Committee has decided to indefinitely suspend the Village House Shelter Program effective Tuesday, March 17. The Core Team’s recommendation has been shared with and endorsed by our Pastor Fr. Joe Galang. This action is being taken consistent with our prime objective….to provide a safe and healthy environment for our guests, volunteers, parishioners, and local community members. This objective extends to family members of these groups, some of which may be immune-compromised.

Our guests will remain with us through the current weekend, into Monday night, March 16 then will be provided alternate housing mid-day Tuesday, March 17. The Core Team is coordinating the relocation of our guests and their belongings with the Village House Steering Committee.

We ask that you continue to support us through Tuesday morning by staffing any volunteer slots you have signed up for. Should there be an issue with your ability to support please let us know via email or by calling the Parish Office. NO volunteer efforts will be required after the completion of the Tuesday morning, March 17 Breakfast and departure of our guests. We anticipate the suspension of the program to extend past our Shelter end date of April 3.

The SFC Core Team wishes to express their deepest appreciation and sincere admiration for all the volunteers and the efforts they have put forth during the past two weeks. You all have made this yet another successful year for our Shelter here at SFC. You have consistently been there, putting your Time, Talent and Treasure in practice for the benefit of our guests. We are blessed to have such a giving and hard-working Parish Community.

God Bless

The SFC Village House Core Team:

John Dahl, Maile Figone, Alicia Morales, Steve Catching, Debbie Casey, Dan O’Connell, Frieda Flocchini and Sam Nickolas