SFC Helping Others 2019 Village House

SFC Helping Others 2019 Village House

March 6 – April 3, 2019

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SFC Helping Others 2019 Village House returns to Cabrini March 6 through April 3.

Volunteers can sign up here: http://signup.com/go/hqsAjfY

Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:

1) Click this link to see our SignUp page: http://signup.com/go/hqsAjfY
2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.
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SignUp today at http://signup.com/go/hqsAjfY

Village House Has an Outstanding Record of Success

Village House returns to St Frances Cabrini March 6 to April 3, 2019. Thanks to the men and women who have volunteered at our Parish and throughout the Network, Village House has demonstrated remarkable success in changing the lives of our guests. We hope you will join us as we work to deliver life changing results to our guests.

Here are some of the results achieved in Fiscal Year 2017 – 2018 at Village House:

Total of 51 participants.

• As of 6/30/2018, 14 are actively in the program. 37 have been discharged.

• 13 were discharged to permanent housing, either a rental or living stably with family or friends.
(35% discharge rate into permanent housing)

• 14 were discharged to other programs – some because their time ran out, some because they needed a higher level of care
(38% discharge rate into other programs)

• 3 were discharged to institutional care (ie hospital, nursing home or custody) 
(8% discharge rate into institutions)

• 3 were discharged to the street
(8% discharge back to homelessness)

• 4 left to unknown destinations
(11% unknown status at discharge)

• 76% of graduates went into another safe and stable place
• 7 people were discharged for rule violations – 3 for substance use, 2 for confrontational behavior, 2 for attendance issues

35 women stayed for at least a month. Out of these:
• 32 had increased medical visits resulting in better medical adherence, improved health outcomes and reduced health crisis events
• Out of the 18 that had a history of substance use, 15 showed improved sobriety
• 5 got permanent stable income
• 9 secured employment
• 1 completed an IT training course and got certified as a programmer.
• 6 attended regular psychotherapy, resulting in improved mental health and decreased trauma symptoms
• 3 achieved resolution of legal issues
• 13 reconciled with family in a meaningful way

Shortest time – 1 night
Longest time – 365 nights
Average time graduates spent in program – 107 nights (this doesn’t include current guests)

See the video above for more on Village House.

Requirements of Volunteers


  1. Have attended an SFC Helping Others Village House Training Session in the past three years or have attended a 2019 session if your are a first time volunteer.
  2. All Volunteers are required to review this Operational Manual in its entirety. See http://bit.ly/2SqLsgf
  3. All Volunteers including those who have previously undergone training should familiarize themselves with basic guidelines on guest interactions as explained in the five-minute video found at http://bit.ly/2S4HDNA.
  4. As mandated by the Diocese of San Jose, all volunteers must undergo a background check in order to work with vulnerable adults. As such, all VOLUNTEERS NOT PREVIOUSLY finger printed must do so and submit a onetime only background check to SFC as mandated by the Diocese of San Jose’s Shielding the Vulnerable initiative.  If you are did not attend the February 19th session at SFC you can walk in or schedule an appointment with the Verify Group at verifygroup.com. Contact Susan Dias 408 761 2156 susan@verifygroup.com. The service is located at 262 East Hamilton in Campbell, CA 95008. To expedite your process and to avoid being charged for this service, please download, complete and bring the attached form found here with you to either location. See http://bit.ly/2RUZcjJ
  5. All Volunteers must have completed and been certified in the Diocese of San Jose mandated Virtus Online Training Course (or Shield the Vulnerable) or certified at the live SFC Campus session as part of the Diocesan Shielding the Vulnerable initiative.
    1. If your Virtus or Shield the Vulnerable Safe Environment Certificate was issued prior to March 1, 2016 you must retake the certification found at virtus.org. First Time Registrants see https://bit.ly/2Jzw1yx .
    2. Parishioners with existing Virtus Accounts see https://bit.ly/1ymFrf5.
    3. The following training courses are required for adults who serve with youth and/or vulnerable adults. The VIRTUS® online training course Protecting God’s Children (PGC) is mandatory and must be renewed every three (3) years by both employees and volunteers (https://www.virtusonline.org/virtus/). Volunteers and employees who serve in Homebound Ministries, or bringing the Eucharist to the sick, must take the PGC & Vulnerable Adults training course which also incorporates the Protecting God’s Children (PGC) training material.
  6. All Volunteers must read, sign and return to the Parish Office the Diocesan mandated Volunteer Waiver form that holds the Diocese and SFC harmless during days when you Volunteer to work at Village House. The form can be downloaded to Word here Adult-Volunteer-Waiver-042018-Appendix-F (1).  The form can also be accessed as a PDF here.  Please print out, sign, and bring with you if you have not submitted this to the Parish Office prior to your first shift.