SFC Helping Others 2018 Village House FAQs

St. Frances Cabrini Parish

As a number of questions have arisen regarding the new policies and procedures mandated by the Diocese of San Jose and Village House SCCCA, please take a moment to review the following FAQs:

1. I’ve been fingerprinted already by the School or Parish Office. Do I need to be fingerprinted again?

No, your fingerprints don’t need to be renewed.

2. I’ve completed the Shield the Vulnerable certification recently, do I need to complete the Virtus Online certification?

As of November 1, 2017 the DSJ changed from Shield the Vulnerable to Virtus Online. Both of these courses are valid for three (3) years. Anyone from the parish or school who has a valid Shield the Vulnerable certificate recorded with the Parish office (Sue Butler) or the School (Nikki Dickey) is good to participate along with cleared fingerprints.

3. My Shield the Vulnerable certification expires prior to March 31, 2018. Do I need to be recertified via VirtusOnline?

Yes. Please complete the Virtus Online Certification prior to the start of our SFC Helping Others 2018 Village House program and submit your Certificate of Completion to Sue Butler if you are a parish volunteer or Nikki Dickey if you are a school volunteer. Volunteers who are school parents and parishioners will have their clearances are recorded on the school side. Volunteers for the School and the Parish should provide their certificate to Nikki Dickey. Go to http:// virtusonline.org/ to get started.

4. Once positions are posted on SignUp.com for the upcoming program, can I SignUp even though I have not completed the coursework or been fingerprinted?

Our preference is that you at least be underway towards completing both fingerprinting and certification before registering for a task online. Volunteers will be cross referenced to fingerprinting and certification records in the Parish and School offices prior to the start of the SFC Helping Others 2018 Village House program and those who have not fulfilled both prerequisites will be advised they must complete the process before they may participate.

5. Where and when can I be fingerprinted at SFC?

SFC has arranged for fingerprinting to be conducted January 10th at 6:30 PM in the Parish Center and January 14th at 10:00 AM in Kelley Hall. Fingerprinting will be conducted for two hours on each of those days and volunteers should select on SignUp.com a two (2) minute timeframe in which to be fingerprinted on either of those days. You can register here: http://signup.com/go/RexWOHh. In order to expedite the process, please print out, complete and bring with you the necessary paperwork for either the School or Parish office to file (including your Virtus Online certification if you have completed the course for the first time). The School and Parish fingerprinting forms can be found at http:// bit.ly/2lDaqqh.

6. Do I have to attend SFC Helping Others 2018 Village House Training in addition to completing the above?

Yes, all volunteers are requested to attend the SFC training for updates on the 2018 program even if they attended an SFC training event in 2016 or 2017. The first SFC Helping Others 2018 Village House Training will be held Sunday January 14th at 10:45 AM in Essig Hall. Please register at https://signup.com/client/invitation2/secure/2165719/false#/ invitation on the SignUp.com website January 14 schedule if you will attend. Additional training times and locations will be posted shortly if you are unable to be with us on the 14th.

Thank you for your attention to these new details and your cooperation in making the SFC Helping Others 2018 Village House program a success. We welcome you to contact Robert Citelli at robertcitelli@gmail.com should you need further information.