SFC Crab Feed is a Wrap! πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€


We thank our VIP sponsors and those who were able to join us for our 2020 Crab Feed and letting us feed and entertain, you, your family and friends this past Saturday evening.

We have many to thank, from our behind the scene donors and volunteers, to this great committee for making this event happen. Without their donation, time and talents this event would not have been as successful.

A Special Thank You to our committee members from Ladies League and Men’s Club – Linnea Sheehy, Maile Figone, Anthony Perez, Dave Citrigno, Mike Livingston, Rob Godar, Mike Vasquez, Pat Cougill for creating an evening filled with fun and laughter.

A special thank you Dan Barsanti for helping procure the fabulous crab, and Constellation Brands for their gracious donation of the Modelo beer.

Thank you to Tom Billmaier for helping with the supply purchase and creating fabulous desserts!

A shout-out to DJ Jeno Bise (800)632-2335 and Green Bee Photo Booth & Face Paint (408)417-1379 for your time and donation. Look them up for your next event!

Thank you SFC community for coming out and helping put on a fabulous evening; Pam Citrigno, Michael Citrigno, Alicia Morales, Isela Gasca, Doris Bebla, Holly Perez, Elizabeth Drew, Jennifer Delaney, Sandy Boser, Suzanna Martinez, Paul Zoodsma, JP Shea, Tony Gearhart, Malinda Bussy, to our High School and middle school servers, without your volunteer help our SFC events would not have been possible.