Couples must contact the priest they wish to witness the sacrament at least six moths prior to the proposed date of the wedding. Contact Father James Okafor or Father Vincent Dang at (408) 879-1120. In order to book a day in the church for your wedding here at SFC , you must be working with a priest as they will guide you through the process. The priest you choose to work with will be the one to book the date for you.

Married Couples
Worldwide Marriage Encounter: Ken & Claranne Schirle  408-782-1413
Worldwide Marriage Encounter is a ministry which supports the Sacraments of Matrimony and Holy Orders. Here in the San Jose area we offer a weekend-long enrichment 3-4 times per year. These weekends include a series of presentations by three married couples and a priest. The enrichment is designed to provide couples with tools to sustain a loving and fulfilling relationship and affirm God’s presence within their marriage. The weekend-long experience is an in-depth enrichment providing Worldwide Marriage Encounter’s comprehensive program to strengthen marriages.

In addition, we offer one-day courses and shorter mini-enrichments (1 to 2 hour-long presentations) focused on various topics related to the marital relationship. Our schedule of one-day courses and mini-enrichments is still being finalized.

Engaged and Married Couples
For further information on the above mentioned weekends or on “Covenant of Love: Date Night”  a ministry for engaged and married couples offering monthly opportunities for Fellowship, Formation and Enrichment held here at SFC, we welcome you to contact Chris and Ann Aguilar at:
Phone: 408-356-7642