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    St. Frances Cabrini Parish - Sacrament Certificate Request

    Please complete one request form per Sacrament. Allow two to three weeks for processing once the form is submitted. There is a $20 charge per certificate. A self-addressed return envelope to send the requested donation will be included with your requested certificate.

    Note: items with an "*" are required.

    1. Which Sacrament certificate are you in need of? *

    2. Reason for Request *
    e.g., general purpose, college, marriage. (If you are in need of a sacrament certificate because you are to be married, most parishes require your baptismal certificate be dated no more than 6 months prior to the wedding date. Please check with the priest who is to officiate your wedding. There is no charge for a baptismal certificate when requesting for the purpose of marriage.)

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    6. Full Birth Name at time of Sacrament AND Date of Birth *

    7. Approximate Date or Month/Year of Sacrament *
    (month/year are essential to facilitate a sacramental record search as our parish has a number of volumes dating back to 1955).

    8. Person Requesting Sacrament Certificate *

    9. Relation to Sacrament Recipient (if not self) *

    10. Address where certificate can be mailed *

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