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November 6, 2022

Pastor’s Message | Fr. James Okafor (Ed.D)

I Believe in the Resurrection of the Dead!

The celebrations of the Feasts of All the Saints and All the Faithful Departed (All Souls) on 1st and 2nd November, respectively, are very significant as we come towards the end of the Liturgical Year. Through these celebrations, we remember our loved ones who have departed from this life. Also, these celebrations remind us of the transient nature of our earthly life. They invite us to seize our opportunities to embrace the gratuitous gift of salvation, which God has given us in Christ and which we solemnly accept whenever we profess in our Creed, I Believe in the Resurrection of the Dead! The resurrection of the dead we profess always remains the bedrock of our faith.

It is the unflinching faith in the resurrection that gave the seven brothers we read about in today’s first reading- (2 Maccabees 7: 1-2, 9-12) not to compromise their faith in the face of threats to their lives; and one of the brothers at the point of death affirmed, “you are depriving us of this present life, but the King of the world will raise us to live again forever.” In line with this exemplary courage of these brothers, St. Paul, in the 2nd reading (2 Thessalonians 2:16-3:5), prays that God gives us “everlasting encouragement and good hope through his grace.” The Gospel of Luke (20:27-38) also describes the gift of resurrection God gave us through his Son, Jesus Christ, who now counts us as part of the “ones who will rise.”

The faith we profess in accepting the gift of resurrection is one step that leads us to manifest the acceptance of this gift through the life we live. Faith, as we know, without good deeds is dead (James 2:17). The challenges we face in our Christian journey are tests of our faith. We win this gift of salvation through our perseverance in faith, which we always profess. In addition, St. Paul encourages us to know “that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy of being compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us.” (Romans 8:18). Therefore, let us continue to pray for the persevering grace we need to keep to faith that is active, living, and conscious, which leads us to everlasting life. Amen.

St. Frances Cabrini – Pray for us!