Parish Council

The Parish Council arose in Catholic parishes following the Second Vatican Council’s Decree on the Apostolate of Lay People (Apostolicam actuositatem, par. 26) of 1965.   The Diocese of San Jose also mandates the use of parish councils. The Parish Council is the pastor’s chief advisory body. St. Frances Cabrini’s Parish Council has representatives from the main parish organizations as well as two elected at-large members and one appointee by the pastor. Cabrini has a very active council that both advises the pastor and assists in running many parish initiatives:  The Village House homeless shelter being a notable example.

In addition to Parochial Vicar Father James Okafor and Father Vincent Dang, the 2022 Parish Council members include these individuals (along with a list of their current Parish activities):

Sam Nickolas, Chairperson (
Council Member Since 2015 as Pastor Appointee
Parish Member Since 1998
Men’s Club
SFC Helping Others Village House Core Team
New Parishioners Breakfast Chef
Fiesta Food Booth Chair
Alpha Table Moderator
Doris Bebla, ( / 408 315 6608)
Council Member Since 2011
Assyrian Catholic Community
New Parishioners Breakfast Volunteer
SFC School Office Admin
SFC Helping Others Village House Volunteer Core Team
Lyle Adams, (
Council Member Since 2017
Eucharistic Minister
Fil-Am Group
SFC School Parent
Ronda Clark, ( / 408 377 6545)
Council Member Since 2017
Principal St. Frances Cabrini School
SFC Helping Others Village House Volunteer
New Parishioners Breakfast Volunteer
Eucharistic Minister
Linnea Sheehy, (
Council Member Since 2018
Ladies League
Fiesta Entertainment Chairperson
School Advisory Board
SFC Village House
GeorgeGeorge Midwin (
Council Member Since September 2021
Italian Catholic Federation (ICF Branch 191)
Men’s Club

MaileMaile Figone ( /
Council Member Since 2015
Parish Member Since 1996
Ladies League
SFC Helping Others Village House Core Team
SFC Parish Event Coordinator
SFC Parish Registrar New Families