Assyrian Catholic

Uniting Parishioners Under One Pure Catholic Family

The Assyrian Catholics Community of St. Frances Cabrini was formed in 2011 to unite the Assyrian parishioners under one pure Catholic family by preserving and strengthening our faith in a peaceful spiritual environment.

For most of us our journey began in the Christian villages and towns of Iraq and Iran, where we courageously fought to keep our Christian faith, despite the religious and ethnic persecution and discrimination under Islamic regimes. However, here in U.S. where people are religiously and ethnically free, our faith and ethnicity helped maintain our Catholic Faith. We have gathered our fellow parishioners who at one point were discouraged to attend mass to join with us and the San Jose Diocese to proudly pursue our values, promote and recognize our great heritage and do everything in our power to unite all the parishioners, regardless of ethnicity and background. As a result of this journey, we are now the Assyrian Catholic Community of St. Frances Cabrini in San Jose, California.

Events planned for the remainder of 2018 include:

Children’s Vacation Bible School – July 23-27
Dukhrana D Mart-Maryam – August 19
Food Festival (Fiesta) – Oct 5 – 7
Dukhrana D Mar Gewargis – Sunday November 4
Christmas Bazaar – Sunday December 23, After the Mass

A weekly Mass at 1:00 PM is open to all and we welcome your participation in our worship and our organization.



Current Officers include:  

  • Alphonse Odisho – President
  • Charlie Lazar – Vice President
  • Willard Danilo – Secretary
  • Mary Khachi – Treasurer
  • Doris Bebla – Liaison to Parish Council

Past events hosted by the Assyrian Catholic Organization include:

An Easter Bazaar

Rogation of Ninevites

Vacation Bible School

Father’s Day Picnic

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