St Vincent de Paul Ministry

SFC St Vincent de Paul Ministry Assists Families in Need

Regular Schedule

On the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Tuesday of each month from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM, our SVdP Ministry gives out bags of groceries to needy families in our community.
If you know anyone who is struggling to purchase groceries, please tell them to come to the parish office on the above mentioned Tuesdays.

How St Vincent de Paul Serves Those in Our Parish

Each quarter a collection will be taken up for our St. Vincent de Paul outreach program. The money collected is given directly over to the people who run this program particular to St. Frances Cabrini. Not every church in the Diocese of San Jose has an SVdP program where money is collected although each church has its own way of dealing with the needs of those in their parish community. Help is available to those in our local community because we have a comprehensive SVdP program.

Meet the SVdP Leaders

When Don Crooks, who ran a dedicated SVdP outreach program here at SFC for well over 25 years passed away in 2007, Ken and Joan (last name withheld upon request) stepped in and offered to do what it was Don did but in way that was better suited for the privacy needed to take on what is a research-intensive, always on call for those in need, ministry. Talking with a landlord or property management, working with PG&E or the water company, etc. is par for the course on any given day.

We would not have an outreach program here at SFC were it not for Ken and Joan. Mr. Crooks would go to homes or apartments. to see what was going on with those in need of help. At that time there were St. Vincent de Paul stores where one with a voucher, could get a bed or couch or appliance.

In July 2019, Steve Catching took the helm at St Frances Cabrini’s St Vincent de Paul Society and is continuing those same traditions. Steve may be reached by eMail at or by phone at 408 412 1926 for urgent needs. Leave a message if necessary and Steve will return your call in a prompt manner.

Special Thanks To Our Volunteers

Speaking of a dedication! SFC’s SVdP Ministry has a team of women who come in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays of each month and set up to give away bags of food. On occasion, we have the good fortune of fresh lemons from Shirley Corbari. Always a treat to give away fresh fruit! The living room in the parish center is a warm welcome to those coming through the garden gate where they are met with 2 or 3 of the following ladies: Carol Sakaguchi, Diana Gray, Dorothy Heimgartner, Yvonne O’Connell, Robbi Stroup, Jennifer Nickolas & Teresa Adams.

The faces of those we serve are more than names noted on a clipboard and they come where they know they will be met with a warm smile, kind conversation and a solid bag of food. We don’t always know to what extent our ministries go when it comes to serving those in need. Much time and effort is put forth to serve but the reward is great. Thank you, ladies, as you serve the homeless and working poor in our community!