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Hospital and Homebound

Hospital and Homebound Ministry


In this ministry, parishioners visit the sick and homebound and bring the Eucharist to those of our parish who are unable to be active participants or attend Mass. This ministry enriches the lives of both the shut-in as well as the lay minister who visits.

St. Joseph of the Lakes has a group of dedicated parishioners who will visit persons in need of a listening ear and an open heart. They bring communion to those who cannot attend Mass and visit individuals in hospitals or care centers, providing comfort and spiritual nourishment. If you or a loved one is homebound, or has been admitted into the hospital or care center, please let the parish know as soon as possible.

The Hospital and Homebound Ministry of St. Gregory’s consists of visiting parishioners in their homes who are not able to attend Mass in person. Regular visits are set up at the convenience of the homebound to pray with them, offer communion and let them know what is happening by bringing them the weekly bulletins and sharing community news with them. Just being able to sit and visit to let them know that we are thinking of them and praying for them is very rewarding and brings them joy. Some of the visits here at St. Gregory’s are done by our Legion of Mary groups, but we do have other individuals assisting us in visitations to hospitals and continued contact with our parishioners after their release to homes, rehab, nursing homes or hospice.

These parishioners as members of Hospital & Homebound Ministry (H &H Ministry): Grace Rivero, Douglas Rivero, Trang Tran, Jorge Tibon, Millie Medoro, Joe Medoro, Julie Midwin, Anthony Allegretti, Carlo Pedron, Dan Hughes, Lee Campbell, Maria Sarmiento, Lillian Konnyu, MJ Leung, Donna Holt, Atour Bakuniance, Sue Butler, Rebecca Valverde, Sam Nickolas, Maria Javier, Ngocdai Nguyen, Florence Fajardo, & Diane Warneke. The SFC H & H ministry takes care of the pastoral and sacramental care of our sick, homebound, and hospitalized parishioners.

If you or a loved one is home-bound, in a nursing home or hospitalized and would like to receive Holy Communion, please contact Grace Rivero, Ministry Coordinator at grace41158@gmail.com.