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Counting Ministry

Counting Ministry

Counters are volunteers and members of the parish and are responsible for the accurate accounting of all church collections. Counters must be vetted through the Diocese of Rockville Centre and must complete the Virtus class.

The responsible stewardship of parishioners’ donations is taken very seriously by St. Denis Parish. As such, the church ensures that offertory collections are properly safeguarded, counted, deposited, and recorded. All collections are processed and deposited following the procedures mandated by the Diocese of Worcester.

There are approximately 8 volunteers that comprise four counting teams. Each week, a different team counts the collections, and a proper segregation of duties ensures that the collections are accurately credited to the donors and deposited. All procedures follow the financial regulations of the diocese of Worcester.

It is the goal of all properly trained volunteer money counters to accurately count and deposit all parish collections. Each individual envelope is opened, verified, and the dollar amount recorded on the envelope (for posting to each individual’s record.) All information is to be kept confidential.

For more information, contact Teresa Adams, at teresa@sfcabrini.org.