Men’s Club Awards Man of the Year to Dan O’Connell

At the recent gathering of prior Man of the Year Award Winners, Dan O’Connell was selected as the 2019 Men’s Club Man of the Year.

Dan O’Connell has been a member of the St Frances Cabrini Men’s club since 2003. He  has been involved  in a variety of Parish activities in past years including the Village House project, the annual parish festival and  a variety of men’s club projects.

He is married to Yvonne who is an active member of the St Frances Cabrini Mexican Catholic Organization. They were married at St. Frances Cabrini in 1972 and subsequently lived in Virginia, Oklahoma City and Chicago prior to returning to the Bay Area. They have three daughters and six grandchildren. Dan is a retired FBI Special Agent and a Vietnam War veteran.

Congratulations to Dan the 2018 SFC Men’s Club Man of the Year!


The Men’s Club welcomes all men of the parish of all ages. It is a vibrant, robust group of doers and a backbone of the Parish Community. For more information on Men’s Club see

Prior Men’s Club Man of the Year Award Winners