ICF Branch 191 and SFC Announce Liz Donaldson Memorial Parish Lunch Ministry Fund

Liz Donaldson was a member of St. Frances Cabrini Parish for over 40 years and the Italian Catholic Federation, Branch 191 for 29 years.

Liz’s passion was helping those in need. For this purpose, Liz coordinated, along with the Parish Staff, The St. Frances Cabrini Parish Lunch Ministry Program. She oversaw the preparation of all lunches which are distributed daily to those in need.

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We, the members of Branch 191, have established a fund for this purpose in memory of Liz. All donations will be used to continue this special program.

Checks may be made payable to “ICF BR 191” and send check to ICF BR 191, c/o Mary Rossetto, 1954 Bernice Way, San Jose, CA, 95124. An acknowledgement will sent to the family of Liz Donaldson.

Thank you for supporting the Parish Lunch Ministry.


Thank You Volunteers!

“It always warms my heart to see we feed the needy” Gloria Salas (and we do Gloria – everyday!) Gloria was walking up to the parish office where she saw a gentleman being given a lunch at the back door. Some days we get several folks coming to the back door. Not as much in winter but come they do and all year ‘round.

The lunches we give out to anyone who is hungry started as a grassroots brown-bag lunch program with a package of lunch meat and a loaf of bread to pull a few sandwiches pulled together. It is now a full-on production and one done out of love and commitment from the ladies lovingly referred to as the “The Real Housewives of SFC” These ladies are a true testament to Time, Talent and Treasure. At one time a call to Liz Donaldson would in turn result in a call to Mary Rossetto who comes to take inventory of what is needed to go shopping.

Donations fund these shopping excursions to Cash and Carry, Smart and Final and parts unknown where deals can be had to get the most bang for the buck. Where do the bucks come from? The Assyrian Community, The Men’s Club, ICF Branch #191 in general but now with the added funds that come from a monthly drawing at the ICF monthly meeting where the funds raised from this drawing are donated to the lunch program and with anonymous donations, we are able to have a well-rounded brown bag lunch for anyone in need. It warms our hearts too Gloria! A warm thank you to Marilyn Aguilar, Mary Blanco, Raquel Carranza, Pam Ellis, Frieda Flocchini, Cecelia Herrera, Mary Lanier, Linda LaRosa, Kay Oliver, Evelyn Revels, Jim Revels, Mary Rossetto, Eleanor Roth, June Sohn, Frankie Such and Grace Wilkinson and a fond remembrance of Liz Donaldson who we are quite sure is still holding court.