Fr. Michael Hendrickson, Parish Council Recognize Liz Donaldson

St. Frances Cabrini Parish


At its last meeting for 2017, Fr. Michael Hendrickson and, on behalf of the Parish Council, Chairman John Dahl, presented St. Frances Cabrini’s faithful servant Liz Donaldson with  a plaque  and a beautiful floral bouquet commemorating her untiring decades of service to our community.

As this was her last meeting as a Parish Council Member at Large, we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge her significant contributions.

Liz was president of MCO for four years representing their interest on the Parish Council here at SFC. She was treasurer for SFC’s ICF Branch #191 for 22 years, taught 2nd grade CCD for 22 years, worked on the parish bulletin for 15 years. Liz originated the clothing drive that is now an integral part of the Thanksgiving and Christmas Food and Toy Drives.

Liz and her faithful crew (you ladies know who you are!) have been instrumental in keeping us stocked with the brown bag lunches that we give out to those who come to us for a lunch on any given day.

Liz helps to maintain the upkeep for the Bocce Courts here. Many weekends, weeknights and weekdays over the years has seen Liz sitting at the bocce courts either waiting for vendors or welcoming those who have rented the courts on a weekend. Liz’s involvement at SFC has been and continues to be one of dedication and a labor of love. You are a treasure to this community Liz Donaldson and we thank you!