Evangelization Committee


Evangelization Committee Helps Grow Parish Community

The Evangelization Committee was formed to help the Parish fulfill its’ Mission Statement, which is: Worship God, Love Others, Make Disciples and Educate the Young.

  • MANDATE: To implement Ideas or Committees to help grow the Parish & create community within the Parish
  • MEETING TIME: 3rd Wednesday of each month; 7:00 PM; Parish Center/Dining Room
    1. Maintain sub-committee of Greeters for Sunday Masses and special events
    2. Provide end of Mass Videos every other month at all Masses
    3. Provide Quarterly Movie/Dinner for Parish in Essig Hall
    4. Conduct Monthly Class for non-Catholics, fallen away Catholics, the Lukewarm etc. to prepare for RCIA. Classes are held on 2nd Thursdays; 7:00 PM in the Parish Center
    5. Conduct ‘Speaker Series’ each month–March thru November
    6. Create “ministry” for all parishioners to become “involved”
    7. Annual Ministry Fair–Each ministry has a booth to educate Parishioners re: their role at SFC. Held in Fall each year.


OFFICERS: Barry LeMay, Chair; Charlotte LeMay, Hospitality Chair James Sawaya, Greeter Chair; Heidi Druist, Publicity


St Joseph Devotions

Committee Minutes

Recent activities include the Annual Ministry Fair and the Monthly Speaker Series.

ministry fair