Greeters Are First Face New and Existing Parishioners See at SFC

St. Frances Cabrini Parish

New volunteers are welcome to join the Greeter Ministry. You will become the first face someone sees when a visitor or potential new parishioner comes to St. Frances Cabrini parish. Here is a brief outline of the  Ministry Duties:

Duties – Before Mass

  1. Get to church ~15 minutes before Mass
  2. Get your name tag from the library.
  3. Go to your assigned position: If you are needed elsewhere or a legacy-greeter wants a certain spot, please be gracious.
  4. Greet people! Smile! Say Hi, ask them how they are, open the door for them, help people up the stairs or ramp, if they need it. Make people feel welcome and that they matter to us as a parish (because they do!!)
  5. Be helpful
  6. Leave your name tag on during Mass

Positions – Before Mass

  1. S=side by Mary: 1 greeter
  2. P=plaza: 3-4 greeters
  3. V=vestibule: 2-3 greeters
  4. I=info center in vestibule: 1 greeter
    Stand by the forms on the wall. Please answer any questions people have about the parish.  It’s ok to ask the priest (especially after Mass) if you get a question you cannot answer.

Duties – After Mass

  1. After Communion, go to your position
  2. Give out bulletins
  3. Say goodbye to people
  4. Wish them a good day or something similar
  5. Greeters in the front open the double doors, inside and out, once the recessional song begins.
  6. Return name tags to the library

Positions – After Mass

  1. S=side by Mary: stand by the same door
  2. P=plaza: go to middle or back side doors
  3. V=vestibule: stand by the same doors
  4. I=info center in vestibule: none

Would you like to be a Greeter? Simply complete this form and email it to James Sawaya at

Information Table

  1. A relatively new Parish endeavor
  2. Work in conjunction with Greeters
  3. Information Table Duties are found here: (information table duties).

If any questions arise, please contact James Sawaya 650-862-8804 or

FilAm Group Fosters Community by Sharing Tradition, Culture

St. Frances Cabrini Parish

FilAm Group Fosters Community by Sharing Tradition, Culture

The Filipino-American Group fosters community by sharing the Filipino tradition and culture with the SFC parish and school.

FilAm Group Fosters Community by Sharing Tradition, CultureThe SFC FilAm Group is a group of Filipino, Americans and friends who share Filipino tradition and culture with the parish community.  This is one of SFC’s fastest growing organizations. We sponsor Filipino traditions and events in the parish to promote greater understanding and friendship between the parish  various cultural groups.

The SFC FilAm Group sponsors/organizes a number of parish and school community activities:

  • Simbang Gabi at SFC – 2 days in Dec. (Advent Novena masses)
  • Easter Egg Hunt (after 9:30 Easter Sunday mass)
  • Asian Food Booth in October (at the SFC Fiesta)
  • Leads one Friday’s Stations of the Cross (during Lent)
  • Teams with MCO for one Lenten Soup Night (Cooks Filipino soup)
  • Holds the Easter Egg Hunt
  • Parish annual picnic in June
  • FilAm Family picnic for members and relatives (August)
  • Cooks one or two of the Village House meals
  • Meets approximately every other month

For more information contact FilAm officers Maria Sarmiento or Parish Council Member Lyle Adams.

Find Fellowship, Formation and Enrichment on Date Night

St. Frances Cabrini Parish

Date Night is a ministry for Engaged and Married Couples at SFC offering monthly opportunities for Fellowship, Formation and Enrichment.

Date Night typically meets one Saturday evening a month, September through May, presenting topics relevant to engaged and married couples either through video presentation or live speakers. Most evenings have fellowship time, prayer, then a presentation followed by small group discussion and/or couple-time discussion.

Most sessions are free of charge and include babysitting with RSVP.

Presentations are designed so couples can come either occasionally or every month.  Some months we concentrate on Fellowship by having social events.  Examples from past years seen below include hosting Renewal of Vows, Bocce Ball and an Advent Potluck Dinner.

Generally our attendance varies between 6-12 couples.

Key Activities:

  • Meets oneSaturday evening per month in Parish Center
  • Lead one Stations of the Cross for the Parish during Lent

Core Team:

Chris & Ann Aguilar 408-356-7642

Stephen & Caprice Hardy

Matt & Jennie Switzer

Calling New Lectors and Commentators

St. Frances Cabrini Parish

Calling New Lectors and Commentators

St Frances Cabrini Lectors Liturgical Ministry invites all parishioners 13 years or older who are interested in serving as Lectors or Commentators to step up to the microphone.

Lectors proclaim the Word of God at Mass (weekday morning, weekend, and Holy Day of Obligation masses), and Commentators lead the congregation in the Prayer of the Faithful, and also read the opening and closing announcements at weekend Masses.

Training in speaking and reading techniques using the ambo microphone is provided and must be completed before serving as readers.  Advance preparation for the readings, the week prior to when an individual is scheduled, is necessary and required.

Readers must be confirmed and be at least 13 years old.

Lectors and Commentators designate their own parameters, select their own schedule and serve as available. Qualified individuals can join this Ministry at any time of the year by contacting Edith Gallant at 408 371 9629.