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Our church bulletin needs your help!

Would you consider advertising on the back of St. Frances Cabrini’s church bulletin? We want to give the parishioners and visitors the best print quality we can, and we need your help. JS Paluch, who prints our bulletins, is looking for advertisers so that we can get our bulletin back to the printing press.

Please consider a business card size spot in the back of our bulletin for 6-12 months of the year. The business size card ad runs around $126.00 a month/$1,625.00 per year.

Maybe you know someone?

A restaurant you frequent or a shop that you do business with. Ask if they would consider advertising on the back of our bulletin. Please reach out to all, the worst they can say is no. If you could just suggest to someone that has a business, this would help get the word out.


If you have general questions, please contact Sue Butler in the Parish Office 408-879-1120 ext. 18.
For exact sizes etc. pricing, please contact Jaclyn Childs at JS Paluch directly at 925-822-4248 or by email at childsj@jspaluch.com. Be sure to reference our bulletin #513437. St. Frances Cabrini in CA 95124.