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ICF Branch #191 Sets Fall Schedule

Saint Frances Cabrini Parish, San Jose, CA
ICF Branch 191 of The Italian Catholic Federation (ICF) is a family-oriented, non-profit fraternal organization dedicated to promoting activities that build faith and family spirit and bring men, women and children of all ages together. Stay up to date with all the ICF Branch #191 news at on the Parish Website

Revised September newsletter at NEWSLTR SEP.pdf?dl=0.


Sept 26, 2018 Branch Dinner Meeting
Essig Hall 6 PM, Mtg 7:00 PM

October 1, 2018 Open Board Meeting
Parish Center 7:00 PM
Host, Lonnie Swarringim

October 5 – 7, 2018 SFC Fiesta
Volunteers Needed

October 14, 2018 Quarterly Mass and Breakfast
8:00 AM Mass

October 20, 2018 Bay Area Sports Dinner Dance & Wine Tasting
Essig Hall 6:00 PM

October 24, 2018 Branch Dinner Meeting
Essig Hall 6:00 PM, Mtg 7:00 PM

November 5, 201 Open Board Meeting
Parish Center 7:00 PM
Hostess, Shirley Catania

November 11, 2018 St.Frances Cabrini Pilgrimage
Line up 10:45 AM
Process 11:00 AM
Mass 11:30 AM
Lunch 1:00 PM

Choirs Nourish Faith Through Song

According to the CONSTITUTION ON THE SACRED LITURGY SACROSANCTUM CONCILIUM SOLEMNLY PROMULGATED BY HIS HOLINESS POPE PAUL VI ON DECEMBER 4, 1963, “… the prayers addressed to God by the priest who presides over the assembly in the person of Christ are said in the name of the entire holy people and of all present. And the visible signs used by the liturgy to signify invisible divine things have been chosen by Christ or the Church. Thus not only when things are read “which were written for our instruction” (Rom. 15:4), but also when the Church prays or sings or acts, the faith of those taking part is nourished and their minds are raised to God, so that they may offer Him their rational service and more abundantly receive His grace.” See

If you have a musical talent, can sing or play an instrument and wish to participate in any of the St Frances Cabrini Choirs, contact the music leads noted before or after their respective Masses  or reach Maria Sarmiento at (408) 281-2407 or email