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Interested in Becoming Catholic?

The Saint Frances Cabrini Parish RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) group welcomes all those inquiring into the Catholic Christian faith as well as those adults who desire to complete their Sacraments of initiation.

Regular sessions include an informal inquiry period and are held from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Parish Center living room beginning Tuesday, September 18th, 2018.

This is a pleasant group that shares in the joy of exploring the Christian faith. Please email, call the Parish Office, or find us on the parish website at to gain more information.

Youth Ministry Coordinator Appointed

Please welcome to our St. Frances Cabrini community Mr. Kurt Martin who will serve as Youth Ministry Coordinator.

In May 2018 Kurt graduated from the Institute for Leadership in Ministry (ILM). He is a 2014 graduate from Sonoma State with a major in Communications and Bellarmine Class of 2010.


With Kurt’s experience as a Youth Minister at Sacred Heart he brings great enthusiasm and heartfelt spirit to SFC. He has participated in DYR, along with coaching basketball and football in the catholic school system.

Kurt is a baseball fanatic, naming the SF Giants as his #1 team and in his spare time enjoys super hero movies. Kurt says he “is excited to be part of the SFC community and looks forward to making youth ministry a dynamic group and an integral part of the community.”

Welcome Fr. Daniel Urcia!

St. Frances Cabrini Parish welcomes Fr. Daniel Urcia! Fr. Daniel is a Catholic Chaplain for the Department of Restorative Justice in the Office of Social Ministries. He works full time as a prison chaplain in the two adult Correctional Facilities of the County of Santa Clara. He was the former pastor of St. Elizabeth Parish in Milpitas and St. John Vianney Parish in Alum Rock, San Jose.

A native of the Philippines, he was ordained to the priesthood in 1989 as a member of the Somascan Fathers and joined the Diocese of San Jose in 1998. Fr. Daniel will continue to serve full time this important ministry as he takes up residence at our rectory. Fr. Daniel, like Monsignor Manrique before him, wants to become involved in our Cabrini Parish and parishioners will be seeing him at Sunday and daily Masses in the future.

Greeters Are First Face New and Existing Parishioners See at SFC

New volunteers are welcome to join the Greeter Ministry. You will become the first face someone sees when a visitor or potential new parishioner comes to St. Frances Cabrini parish. Here is a brief outline of the  Ministry Duties:

Duties – Before Mass

  1. Get to church ~15 minutes before Mass
  2. Get your name tag from the library.
  3. Go to your assigned position: If you are needed elsewhere or a legacy-greeter wants a certain spot, please be gracious.
  4. Greet people! Smile! Say Hi, ask them how they are, open the door for them, help people up the stairs or ramp, if they need it. Make people feel welcome and that they matter to us as a parish (because they do!!)
  5. Be helpful
  6. Leave your name tag on during Mass

Positions – Before Mass

  1. S=side by Mary: 1 greeter
  2. P=plaza: 3-4 greeters
  3. V=vestibule: 2-3 greeters
  4. I=info center in vestibule: 1 greeter
    Stand by the forms on the wall. Please answer any questions people have about the parish.  It’s ok to ask the priest (especially after Mass) if you get a question you cannot answer.

Duties – After Mass

  1. After Communion, go to your position
  2. Give out bulletins
  3. Say goodbye to people
  4. Wish them a good day or something similar
  5. Greeters in the front open the double doors, inside and out, once the recessional song begins.
  6. Return name tags to the library

Positions – After Mass

  1. S=side by Mary: stand by the same door
  2. P=plaza: go to middle or back side doors
  3. V=vestibule: stand by the same doors
  4. I=info center in vestibule: none

Would you like to be a Greeter? Simply complete this form and email it to James Sawaya at

Information Table

  1. A relatively new Parish endeavor
  2. Work in conjunction with Greeters
  3. Information Table Duties are found here: (information table duties).

If any questions arise, please contact James Sawaya 650-862-8804 or

Single Event Facilities Requests Now Being Accepted

Handing in a facility request form for any singular or multiple events at SFC is required! No event will be placed on the calendar without a facility request form that has been either emailed or handed in to the parish office and signed off by Fr. Michael. The parish office will close on Thursdays starting May 3rd. This is to get all requests that have been approved, on the calendar in the shortest amount of time.  Thursday hours will be the same as Tuesday hours; open from 9am to 10am and 3pm to 4pm. The parish office will be closed inside the hours of 10am and 3pm on Thursday until the calendar is complete and you have all received an email with your requested dates. There will likely be some juggling but as was the case for the 2017/2018 calendar – conflicts can be remedied.

Requests handed in are not being placed on a first-come, first-served basis although there are several standing events the church and school hosts which will be placed prior to all others. E.g., Altar of the Repose, RCIA, Parish Picnic, Men’s Club Holiday Food Baskets, Fiesta, FilAm Easter Egg Hunt, etc. etc. PDF forms (Facility Requests: Form 1 and Form 2) are attached for your convenience.

Please check for holidays where the office will likely be closed to see if any of your regularly scheduled on-going events that you are requesting bump into a holiday or a day where the office is closed. Since we will be issuing access codes for the parish center, this will likely not be a problem. No keys will be necessary in accessing the building and you are welcome to still put in for such days where the parish office is closed. If it is a holiday though, your group may not be meeting, therefore it may not be necessary to place a particular meeting on the calendar. Please make note of such days on the request form. If it is not noted I will assume that you will still be meeting on—-let’s say for example, the day prior to Thanksgiving. If that is what you want, that’s okay. If not, best not to have it on your request so that it doesn’t make it on the calendar which will in turn make it into the bulletin in “This Week’s Events”, so please take care to note such dates when inputting your regularly scheduled mtgs.

Access Codes – give them to your group! When you are assigned an access code to the Parish Center, please give the code to those in your group. The code will work ONLY in the time you specify on your facility request form. Give yourself time for Set-Up if that is needed and specify that set-up time on your request form. The code will not work one minute prior nor will it work one minute after the requested times written on the facility request form.



Contact Sue at for use of the Church.

Contact Nikki at for the use of the Field.

Contact Camille at for the Bocce Courts.

Once the calendar is complete, a link will be sent out that you’ll want to Bookmark for easy access. PLEASE BOOKMARK IT! The calendar is self-updating and being able to see your events at a glance when needing to make a change or you just want to take a look to see what’s happening at SFC, having the link Bookmarked on your end will be handy for you and for me.

The calendar is visible to all SFC groups and several outside groups who put in requests for rooms or halls.

You will see the parish office closed during the 2018/2019 facilities calendar year for various holidays and in-office staff / school mtgs., including Tuesdays where the office is closed but I am in the office working. I do not answer the door or the phone. When you hear of or see in the bulletin that the parish office is closed, it does not mean that the parish center is closed.  Please put in for those times regardless when booking your dates because you will have access. The office does not need to be open or available because you will have your access code.