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Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I am honored and grateful to serve as your pastor and witness Christ’s love daily in our parish community. It has been a blessing seeing an increase in the number of people participating in the day-to-day life of our parish and school. Each year, the Annual Diocesan Appeal (ADA) provides a unique opportunity to renew our stewardship commitment to the church and unite with the faithful from all the other parishes in our diocese to fulfill Christ’s mission.

Your generosity toward the ADA supports St. Frances Cabrini Parish (SFC) and the other parishes of our diocese for programs crucial to the mission of Jesus Christ. All funds collected above our diocesan goal will be rebated directly to our parish to strengthen and build our local Church community and ministries. In 2022, our diocesan goal was $115, 000.00 and we collected $149,512.93; our rebate has helped run our parish ministries.

This year, our diocesan goal is $136,403.00, and our parish goal is to raise $286,403.00. Our hope to use the rebate from this ADA to maintain and improve inside our church. Our church needs new carpets, improved lighting, a modern sound system, and re-painting. I ask for your help to reach our parish goal. We have more than 2,000 families who are registered parishioners, and about 1,200 are active. If 50% of our active families give prayerfully, considering a minimum of $500, we will reach our parish goal. Some can offer more, and some less; I hope is that each family in our parish will participate at the level of sacrifice to which your prayerful discernment leads you

If you have contributed to ADA in the past, we truly appreciate your generosity and pray that you will participate this year. If you have not participated in the ADA in the past, I ask you prayerfully consider all the ways God has been at your side through the church. I also ask that you make a gift to our ADA in gratitude for all God has done and continues to do for you and your loved ones. Let the good Lord reward you abundantly. Amen.

St. Frances Cabrini- Pray for us!

SFC ADA 2023