Alpha 2018 Wrap Up

The 3rd annual Alpha Course has now come to its completion. It was another successful year and our guests have either formed a relationship with Christ or renewed their relationship with Him. They have also discovered the wonders of the Holy Spirit.

Alpha would not be able to be a success without the help of our Cabrini community. Thank you to the Ladies League, the SFC’s FILAM and Assyrian groups, Blue Rock BBQ, Raquel Carranza, and Maile Figone for preparing delicious meals for our team and guests. Thank you to all our Alpha team members (Raquel Mendoza, Sam
Nicholas, Jennifer and Erin Donnelly, Darin, Jenny, and
Linda McGinnes, and Stacey Montes) for being dedicated
disciples of Christ and helping to spread the Good News.
Please contact Alicia Morales
or call 408-857-0523 if you are interested in participating
next year.

You can also learn more about Alpha on the SFC Website at