2022 SFC Crab Feed


A lot of laughter and smiles at this year’s 2022 SFC Crab Feed for those who were able to attend.   A HUGH SHOUT OUT to our teens that were able to make an appearance and help serve the event.  A STANDING OVATION to our teen servers who served our tables, keeping up with the demands of getting mouth-watering crab to the tables. A special thank you to Mr. Dan Barsanti (grandparent of Zoe Tripp) for precuring the fabulous fresh crab once again for us here at SFC.  Crab Feed would not be a success without our CRAB FEED VOLUNTEERS! Thank you to Dave & Pam Citrigno, without them, the food and service wouldn’t run.  John Dahl and Rob Godar for keeping the flow of drinks going.  Thank you Pack 334 for the table and chair setup!

Special Thank You to our Crab Feed Board!  The many hours put into making this event a success! Dave Citrigno, John Dahl, Maile Figone, George Midwin, Jeff Morrison, Linnea Sheehy, Nicolette Virgilio Thomas, Chris Weitz Men’s Club & Ladies League Organizations. A portion of the proceeds go back to our SFC Church & Parish School.

crabfeed 2022