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SFC Bocce Courts Provide Memorable Venue for Your Next Event

Consider holding your next big event at the SFC Bocce Courts. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baptisms, Showers, Business Meetings, Club Socials, even Weddings are memorable when held in this venue
Here are the charges associated with renting the space.
$100 non-refundable
Fees for groups of:
$175 for 1 – 39
$275 for 40 – 59
$425 for 60 – 80
Rental for Grill: 10.00
In addition the Diocese of San Jose requires a certificate of (event) insurance for each group. If insurance is obtained through the diocese the cost is approximately $100. While wine and beer are permitted other alcoholic beverages are not.
For reservations to hold a party at the bocce courts contact Camille Orlando 408-559-0688.\
The Italian Catholic Federation (ICF) Branch 191 oversees the maintenance of the bocce courts and hosts Thursday evening events open to the public through mid-October, weather permitting.For more information see
For more on ICF see