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Greeters Are First Face New and Existing Parishioners See at SFC

St. Frances Cabrini Parish

New volunteers are welcome to join the Greeter Ministry. You will become the first face someone sees when a visitor or potential new parishioner comes to St. Frances Cabrini parish. Here is a brief outline of the  Ministry Duties:

Duties – Before Mass

  1. Get to church ~15 minutes before Mass
  2. Get your name tag from the library.
  3. Go to your assigned position: If you are needed elsewhere or a legacy-greeter wants a certain spot, please be gracious.
  4. Greet people! Smile! Say Hi, ask them how they are, open the door for them, help people up the stairs or ramp, if they need it. Make people feel welcome and that they matter to us as a parish (because they do!!)
  5. Be helpful
  6. Leave your name tag on during Mass

Positions – Before Mass

  1. S=side by Mary: 1 greeter
  2. P=plaza: 3-4 greeters
  3. V=vestibule: 2-3 greeters
  4. I=info center in vestibule: 1 greeter
    Stand by the forms on the wall. Please answer any questions people have about the parish.  It’s ok to ask the priest (especially after Mass) if you get a question you cannot answer.

Duties – After Mass

  1. After Communion, go to your position
  2. Give out bulletins
  3. Say goodbye to people
  4. Wish them a good day or something similar
  5. Greeters in the front open the double doors, inside and out, once the recessional song begins.
  6. Return name tags to the library

Positions – After Mass

  1. S=side by Mary: stand by the same door
  2. P=plaza: go to middle or back side doors
  3. V=vestibule: stand by the same doors
  4. I=info center in vestibule: none

Would you like to be a Greeter? Simply complete this form and email it to James Sawaya at

Information Table

  1. A relatively new Parish endeavor
  2. Work in conjunction with Greeters
  3. Information Table Duties are found here: (information table duties).

If any questions arise, please contact James Sawaya 650-862-8804 or

MCO is Multicultural, Multiethnic Group Serving the Church, Parish and Community

The MCO is a multicultural and multiethnic group whose mission is to serve the church, the parish school and our surrounding community through financial support, educational scholarships and   donations of time and talent. The MCO partners with fellow SFC organizations and sister  churches within the San Jose Diocese to fulfill these goals. 

Events include a Crab Feed Dinner & Dance to benefit our high school and college scholarship program, a Zumbathon to benefit the needy in our  community, an annual MCO family picnic and a Virgen the Guadalupe Mass & Reception.  We also participate in parish-sponsored events such as Fiesta, Lenten Soup Nights and SFC Thanksgiving and Christmas food and toy drives.

The MCO is also a spiritual and social organization. Many of our  members have been active for over 30 years and consider each other family.  Members do not have to be of Spanish-speaking or Mexican descent to join. Members do have to be registered Catholics within the San Jose Diocese. Membership dues are $10/year and are due in January.

The MCO meets in the Parish Center on the 1st Tuesday of every month. Meetings are generally two hours long.  During the meetings we review Parish Council updates, plan upcoming events, socialize and pray together.  If you are interested in becoming a member or attending one of our meetings, please call or email Darla Leis at (408) 784-6644 /

Upcoming Calendar of Events:

Aug 18, 2018   MCO Family Barbecue

Nov 17, 2018   Thanksgiving Food Drive

Dec  8, 2018    Virgen de Guadalupe Mass & Reception

Dec 15, 2018   Christmas Food and Toy Drive

Jan 26, 2019    Crab Feed & Dinner Dance

Mar 13, 2019    SFC Lenten Soup Night