Parishioners Urged to Faithfully Fund Our Future

St. Frances Cabrini Parish


Dear Parishioners of St. Frances Cabrini:

In the past three years as Vicar for Priests for our diocese, I have traveled extensively around our diocese interviewing my brother priests about their ministry and lives. As a side benefit, I have learned quite a bit about our parishes. A few are growing stronger, some are maintaining their size, and a large number are clearly declining. I would like to see Cabrini be a strong example to my brother priests and the diocese of a growing and healthy parish.

Because of your amazing generosity of Time, Talent, and Treasure and the favor of God, many needed projects have been accomplished. The past few years have featured projects to physically rebuild and improve our parish facilities, starting with Fr. Lieu’s “Raising the Roof” effort to replace the church roof and continuing through my pastorate with several projects, most notably the Pavement Improvement Project.

It is now time to focus on growing our spiritual ministries.

This parish conducts some amazing ministries that even many larger parishes do not. Our women’s homeless shelter, SFCHelpingOthers, is a ministry that has only been replicated in a half dozen parishes in our diocese. Cabrini has a large number of Adult Scripture and theological studies series, more than any other parish I know of in the Valley. I think of the diverse ministries here—everything from the St. Vincent de Paul Society to the Prayer Shawl Ministry—and give God thanks for the wide sharing of God-given gifts that I see here.

While we achieved so much, God’s work is never done. Many spiritual ministries are still needed youth ministry above all—that could enhance the spiritual lives of our church if the funds of our parish were increased. With this in mind, the Faithfully Funding Our Future campaign is being launched to make parishioners aware of the financial realities of our youth and for each one of us to prayerfully consider our weekly offering to God through our parish giving. Please bring your Commitment Card to Mass this weekend.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Michael