Mexican Catholic Organization Recruiting New Members and Officers for 2017

The Mexican Catholic Organization welcomes new members and is calling for candidates/officers for 2017. Your participation helps continue the outstanding work of this exceptional SFC organization. See officer job descriptions below. To join or apply for a leadership role contact Donna Tonry <>.

The MCO is a multicultural group composed of diverse ethnic background individuals whose mission is to provide a network with other community church groups in support of our parish and other organizations help to serve their communities. In addition, the MCO is a spiritual, social, and fundraising organization with the main purpose of financial support to the parish, the parish school and the needy in our parish community.




  1. Shall preside at each meeting
  2. Is to coordinate and/or delegate any duties for any MCO functions.
  3. Is to represent the MCO in all outside activities/meetings.
  4. Is to be the liaison between the MCO and the church or assign a delegate.
  5. Is to prepare the agenda for each monthly meeting.
  6. Makes deposits of funds in the MCO accounts.


  1. Take minutes/notes at each MCO meeting.
  2. Distribute the minutes of the previous months’ meeting at each meeting.
  3. Is responsible for maintaining all minutes and correspondences in an orderly manner.
  4. In the absence of the President shall preside at a monthly meeting as needed.
  5. Is responsible for all correspondences and MCO club membership roster.
  6. Makes deposits of funds in the MCO accounts.


  1. Collects all dues from the MCO membership.
  2. Is responsible to collect and disburse all funds pertaining to the MCO activities.
  3. Is to maintain financial records and provide a monthly financial report to the membership.
  4. Makes a report to the parish bookkeeper when directed by the parish pastor and provides a copy to the MCO membership.
  5. Makes deposits of funds in the MCO accounts and maintain accurate records of the funds.
  6. All expenditures are documented for the purpose of an audit review.
  7. Ensures that the general fund of the MCO maintains a balance of $2,000 for the fundraising expenditures of the MCO.
  8. Ensures that all cash advances are reconciled within 30 days.

To join or apply for a leadership role contact Donna Tonry <>.