ADA Winding Down; there’s Still Time To Give!

St. Frances Cabrini Parish


The Annual Diocesan Appeal is winding down and sadly we are below our stated goal for 2017. If you have not already done so, please consider a donation to ADA and help SFC fund the recently concluded SFC Helping Others Village House project, acquire new missals/hymnals for the Church and begin work on beautifying the Camden Avenue frontage. Donations can be made online at

Description of New Fence at Camden: The new fence designed at the Camden Ave limits will consists of split face finish concrete blocks walls and pilasters, and in certain portions it will be the typical wood slats with lattice screens above, the fence on both ends will be approximately 8 feet and 6 inches, with the pilasters at 9 feet in height. The corners of the walls at the driveway entries will have space designated to be used for signage, to be designed and installed as a future project. Between the driveways the fence will be primarily of ornamental steel pickets at a height of 6 feet, and at the center will be of a 6 foot height concrete block wall with flag poles on the pilasters, for the use of event banners. Behind this portion of the fence there will be 10 new parking spaces and new landscaping and new trees. The fence along the entire property will be recessed couple of feet from the sidewalk, pending on approval by the County of Santa Clara and City of San Jose jurisdictions.

The overall estimated cost of the entire fence along the Camden Ave. as designed is estimated between $145,000 and $190,000, costs includes permitting, additional design fees for permit submittal, and contingency for unknown conditions during construction. Pending on the 2017 ADA funding the expectations is to build the center portion of the fence, the new parking spaces, a new driveway apron (due to one existing driveway apron with excessive cracks) and landscaping this year. The estimate for this portion only is between $55,000 and $75,000.

If you have additional questions feel free to contact Domenic Onorato, SFC Building Committee, at 408-219-4085 or email him at (also identified in the back of the Parish Bulletin).